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For your convenience all of the products available in our store are available as an instant download option. Downloading is very simple. After you successfully checkout, any files that you have purchased are available for downloading straight away. Due to the way Apple and Google do business it is difficult to download MP3 files not purchased in their stores direct to a phone or tablet, so we highly recommend downloading to your computer first and then transferring to your device.



Simply login to your account here and enter your email address and password chosen at checkout. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it here.

Once you are logged in please click the 'DOWNLOAD FILES' box shown in the first screenshot. Here you will find all your files available for download you have purchased. Then click the filename of the item you wish to download (as shown in the 2nd screenshot) to download the file to a folder on your computer.

Download screenshot 1


This is because the file has not downloaded fully. Please do not use any download accelerator programs and make sure your internet connection does not disconnect during the download. If this happens simply re-download the file and try again.

This depends on the type of mobile device you use. Firstly plug your device into your computer and wait until your computer recognises it - usually a popup box will appear. From here you can either use a music program like iTunes to connect to your mobile device and transfer the mp3s that way or simply copy and paste the mp3 files from your computer to the music folder on your device. For more detailed information on this please refer to the webpages below depending on your device.

Apple devices:
Android devices:
Kindle devices:

Yes. We use standard mp3 files which will work on any device, music player or anything else that plays mp3s. The PDF file used in the eBook can be viewed on any device that can view PDFs. If you experience any issues with this, you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer (already present on 99.99% of devices and computers) at this link:

The mp3 files are approximately 30-60mb in size. The eBook file is very small at only 3mb. Although these files are quite small, we do recommend a broadband connection to ensure that your download is quick and is not disconnected.

Free mp3 and video screenshot

Take your first step now with this rapid and easy technique.