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Personal Development is the conscious pursuit to move forward into a self-aware state with an awakened appreciation of what life can offer. Through personal advancement you will obtain the knowledge and developed set of skills allowing you to adapt yourself to filter life’s challenges. 
Designed for you to gain the ability to pass through experiences with flow, calm and clear energy. To no longer hold issues or dramas, and charging them into emotional responses, that would influence your thoughts, moods and behaviors thereby altering perception of reality. From these behaviors we can develop emotional patterns. These may create blocks, fear, frustration, anxiety and other emotions that do not serve you that will unfold into created patterns. If you have thoughts and emotions that have not healed from the past or inherited patterns you will discover how they can block or disable you from living consciously.
Our perception of our reality has many experiences layered in a snapshot of any given moment. It is your perception of the given moment and what you are focusing on that will engage your consciousness, then your mind, your body and emotions will filter the experience from the engagement. To live from this expansive view will create a deeper understanding on how to grow into a self-realised person. You will aspire to achieve great change and accomplish your fullest potential by reaching real happiness and joy into the engagement of life.

To live consciously is the art of self-awareness that will create clarity and allow you to be in the present moment. People who desire to live consciously are wanting to harmonize with life and how they live it.
A way of being as an innovative individual who can choose to make a difference, to transform and empower themselves is by realising that you have the potential to awaken, move forward and improve the quality of your life. By expanding the vision of what you want through developing an understanding of who you are and how you want to live.
Conscious living obtains clarity on the values that are important and to seek the aligned truth.
It is from that we arrive at conscious choice.
Conscious choice invites us to a wider range of possibilities or options allowing us to truly live as our authentic self in an awakened way of being.

We all experience consciousness as a part of human existence.
This is a miraculous part of being with living, breathing, sensing and existing as a person into the reality of this paradigm.
Consciousness is the knowledge and understanding of our own personal experience. Known as a constant developing presence into how we perceive our reality of the world we are living in.
Consciousness is about the actuality of how you perceive life and the vehicle of how you observe your experience. We navigate this consciousness awareness in the same way we explore our reality- through filters of sensory awareness.
These filters are engaged through seeing, smelling and sensing, through touch or our inner knowing and through hearing sound waves. Through the engagement of our surroundings we experience the consciousness through density of weight, texture, space and perception of your environment. Our consciousness then responds with the development of will, depth of memory, a variety of emotions, and the creation of our imagination. These awareness filters are how an individual experiences consciousness. We use these sensory awareness filters to explore our perception of experience and these filters help expand and explore our reality. 
We receive information through our sensory filters and create an internal representation or reflection of what we understand it to be. If you can perceive and describe something you are experiencing, then that involvement is part of your consciousness’s experience.
Each individual person will develop their experience of life completely different from each other, with each person diversely and differently discovering their level of self-awareness and projecting their own consciousness into their reality.
We are in a constant state of change, transforming and evolving.

NLP is a powerful change management tool that transforms your thoughts, moods and behaviors to a more enhanced way of thinking that helps you effectively change your perspective.
Let’s break it down further -
Neuro is the mind and how we process information with thought processes activate the neurological system, which affects physiology, emotions and behavior.
Linguistic is language and how we communicate is a description of our thoughts, feeling and sensory abilities.
Programming is the framework in which we experience change, with our behavior being presented as our thoughts.

The Emotional Freedom Technique is a blend of east meets west, where the great wisdom of ancient Chinese acupressure is combined with modern psychology. We now have a highly effective tool that can create dramatic improvements in both psychological and physical issues.
Emotional Freedom Technique is a universal healing aid that rebalances the body’s meridian energy system by realigning and resolving emotional and physical issues. This gives a person a greater sense of peace, thereby assisting the body in the natural healing process.

The Violet Flame is spiritual alchemy in action. This is a divine gift to humanity.
When working with the Violet Flame, it will alter your energy bringing you a clearing with your emotions that do not serve you. It will set free trapped energy that tends to express itself in repetitive negative spirals.
By aligning and working with the Violet Flame it will transmute negative energy and will alter cellular energy in your body. It will shift energies therefore altering your energy  to one of calm, refreshed and renewal and offering free flow to your energy by restoring your energy signature.
The Violet Flame serves as alteration by transmuting an energy shift within taking you to a higher level of vibrational frequency of your energy. By creating this release it will bring forward the powerful grace of forgiveness.
The violet flame is a four-fold benefit:
Physically – dissolves and reduces tension, improves health by rejuvenating the physical body
Mentally – slows mind-chatter, improves focus and quickens the mind.
Emotionally – releases calm, lightness and balances by shifting emotions.
Spiritually – helps to bring you to be in the now, to connect with vital life force and improve your energetic vitality.
Align yourself to healing the earth.

I AM a being of violet fire … I AM the purity of god’s desire.

Meditation is a wonderful personal experience of self-discovery and hypnosis is the most rapid and effective way to achieve change by working on the same principle of a trance state of mind. Trance is just an altered state of awareness; no more, no less. It is simple, it’s natural to do and it starts when you close your eyes. When you are concentrating your attention on a focus it will give you a greater level of absorption.
A hypnotic mediation is a guided imaginary with enhanced and creatively blended self-hypnosis with the magic of spiritual enlightenment.

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