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Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding purchasing and using the premium course and portal areas of thewebsite. If have a question that is not answered below please contact us using the form to the right and Tracie or one of her team will get back to you ASAP.

Tracie is a highly skilled hypnotherapist, coach and metaphysical medium who loves imparting the wisdom she has learnt throughout her years to guide others to have a happy and successful life.

Throughout her extensive career Tracie has gone through extensive education and training plus conducted multitudes of research in the field of Altered States and Metaphysics as well as accomplishing:
- Diploma in Business Management
- Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
- Mind Trainer certified in Modern Psychology
- Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching
- Cert IV in Yoga

And Tracie is also an NLP Practitioner, a Qualified Trainer and Assessor and the Membership Director of the American Society For Standards In Mediumship and Psychical (ASSMPI) where she has fully embraced her role to support and accredit professional mediums across the globe.

Please see the About Me page for more information on Tracies life and what brought her to creating Vivid Life Empowerment for others.

You are here because you want to make the changes needed to have a happy and successful life.

You are here because you want to work towards something better.

Yes. It will absolutely work.
But nothing will work unless you do.

Vivid Life Empowerment website content and information is offered as general information purposes only. The meditations, techniques and information are guidelines are designed to accelerate and align your own personal development.
We recommend that you when working with the meditations and techniques that you are in the safe environment to listen or watch to be able to relax and enjoy the content.
Not while driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery.
Our content is designed for the purpose of holistic healing and the guided vocal files are to promote relaxation, uplift and release the mind, body, emotions and enhance spiritual growth.
The use of vocals enhanced by immersive and empowering music for alignment in order to promote wellness and support for new energy, flow and ease to bring inner peace with ourselves in a positive spiritual way.
The meditations and techniques are holistic and hypnotically guided imagery backed with relaxing music. The inclusion of positive words and suggestions are there to be guide towards healing and empowering the listener. Repeated listening is recommended once or twice a day for a period of 2 to 3 week to gain maximum effect and results.

Private Session with Tracie
Session Types: Individual, Couples or 8-week Personal Empowerment Program.
Session: All session are 90 mins.
Format: Via Skype video, audio or phone.
Audio Recording: You will receive an MP3 file via email of the session and follow up information after the session.
All bookings for session will prepaid via Credit card or PayPal.
Investment - $ 150.00 per session.

Term and Conditions of Bookings.
Cancellation Policy: Must have 24hrs notice.
All bookings must be rescheduled within 14 days of cancellation.

All online payments are done via PayPal. When you checkout you will be directed to PayPal's secure payment facility where you can either pay via a credit card or via a PayPal account.

Yes. We use 128 bit encrypted SSL security on this website and all transactions are securely processed through PayPal. They use industry standard online payment security systems to handle your credit card and other sensitive data.

To cancel, you need to login to your PayPal account at to cancel the recurring billing agreement. Once logged in click on the following menus:


Here you can find the agreement for VIVID LIFE EMPOWERMENT, click on it and cancel it.

Absolutely. Once you purchase the course you can access all the videos, audio and other materials forever. Just login to your account and navigate to the COURSE page to view these.

No. When you cancel future Online Portal access payments you will not be able to access the portal effective immediately. After this you will not be charged any subsequent payments immediately after you cancel.

Yes, simply purchase a new portal subscription. You can use the same account details (email and password) for this if you like. When you cancel your Portal subscription we keep your main account active.

To allow us to create quality content for you on a regular basis. We add new articles, videos, webinars, podcasts and lots of other mazing resources every month. Your ongoing subscription gives you full access to this when and as they released.

No. Because this is an online digital course we do not issue refunds under circumstances.

No. All the videos and audio files for the course and portal are online streaming only and you can only access these by using a device with an active internet connection.

You can watch all content for the Online Course as many times as you wish for an unlimited amount of time. However you can only access the Online Portal content so long as you have an account monthly membership.

No. The material in the course and online portal is the result of thousands of hours of work and sharing your logins with anyone else is a breach of copyright.

The DVD format for this course is set up through the main menu and this will appear when playing of the disc of your selected pathway.
To play the DVDs you must have a Media Player installed on your computer to view the videos.
The recommended software to play the Vivid Life Empowerment DVDs is the VLC media player. This is a free and open-sourced software and a portable and cross-platform media player.

Please download and install the software program before you begin.
PC Windows -

Media Player Classic is a compact media player for Microsoft Windows.
This is a free and open source media player for Windows.

Please download and install the software program before you begin.
PC Windows-

PC Device
To play the DVD you must have a Media Player installed to view the videos.
Our product is supported and playable on VLE media player or MPC- HC x64.
The file of VIDEO TS will open after the DVD is inserted.
Select this file to play.
You may have to search for this file on your computer then click on the file to open.

Mac Device
Open your DVD player on your device then insert the DVD disc into your drive.
Depending on the version you have on your device the DVD disc will automatically play and take you to the main menu.
Follow each video and refer to your booklet for additional information and a detailed instruction guide to ensure you get the best results from your course.
Click on title link to take you back to the main menu to move into the next video or pathway.


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Your mind is an unstoppable entity when geared toward awareness of thought. By integrating a 'mindful' approach to your life will create complete conscious awareness and inevitably a more fulfilling life. Using principles of modern psychology and spiritual aspects of mindfulness, the VLE course will give you the tools to make this happen.

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