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Tracie is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author
& Metaphysical Medium

The VLE course is the result of 15 years of understanding and the accumulated knowledge through connection of Tracie with her clients and was developed over time from hours of genuinely listening to people; learning that everyone had a unique story. VLE was created from the many reactions and responses from people, as they become aware of their patterns of coping with life and its cycles, as truly everyone has been touched by some or all of the 7 deadly sins of reality; trauma, pain, fear, addiction, loneliness, depression, grief.

By being immersed in these confusions this will ultimately affect how you view your life; dramatically changing your energy of how you think and feel. The suffering from the emotional pain of memories creates a fear of not wanting to experience that again. You can be drawn to addiction as a way of coping with the pain and this disconnects you from life; leading to loneliness, depression and grief, but it is only when you are so heavily involved and overwhelmed with life that you look beyond yourself.
Through a spiritual outlook you will be able to manifest with trust and faith that you can be at peace within yourself.

Life lessons learnt from her own sins of reality including a marriage breakdown, several family deaths, struggles with cancer and financial hardship as a single parent; Tracie’s inquiring mind wanted to know more about the theories of how human consciousness worked; leading her to explore the mind-blowing world of altered states and metaphysics.

The search for her own knowledge became the drive for Tracie as she developed into a seeker of the truth looking for answers. Through widespread education; reading numerous books covering spirituality, consciousness and energy sciences, Tracie found herself so passionate about.
This developed into undertaking extensive formal studies and the continuation to research the fields of energy medicine, hypnosis, vibrational therapy, modern psychology, neuro-linguistic programming and meridian psychotherapy, mediumship, spiritual development and counselling.

What is a Metaphysical Medium?

A Metaphysical Medium works with the science of energy medicine and mindset by blending the power of modern psychology and awareness of spirituality and transpersonal self. By bringing up solutions, through reviewing your prospective, a Medium has you become consciously aware of how to navigate life’s challenges from a different viewpoint and consequently feeling positive about a better way of living. 


Tracie is also an accomplished solo artist and author of 12 meditation albums, mindfulness podcasts and techniques. Her voice has been listened too all over the world as she is engaging with her music and has found many creative ways to help others absorb themselves into meditation and techniques. 

Vivid Life is a clinic located on the Sunshine Coast, Australia offering health and wellness consultations, education training programs, personal coaching and hypnotherapy.


No matter what you want to change in life;
all you need is clear direction.

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Working with Tracie one-on-one will empower and align you. See and feel the highest vision for yourself with tangible and verifiable results.

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Online course

Tracie is the author and presenter of the Vivid Life Empowerment course. Learn powerful tools and techniques for holistic personal development.

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